London School of Media and Management (LSMM) has an integral assessment process and enables all learners and students to engage and achieve their qualifications and/or awards according to levels of understanding, competency and educational learning set out.

We use a variety methods of assessment, verification, moderation and final outcome, given LSMM’s academic and non-academic courses, programmes and awards which includes equivalence, lifelong, blended and progressive learning awards and qualifications.

After completing work set out and submissions, students and/or learners receive online tutorial and assessment with feedback with a professionally qualified academic member of our team. This process may differ from programme to programme. Once the process is completed, the outcomes are validated and confirmed by the Academic Quality Board (AQB). Learners/students are then notified of their qualification and/or award accordingly. Certificates are either awarded at a graduation ceremony or sent by post. In the event of any students/learning who are not successful, a notification of a “refer notice’’ is issued where it is advised on how to retake the exam, assessment and/or otherwise. Successful students and learners may be eligible to progress and may apply onto higher levels upto masters and doctoral levels.