London School of Media and Management (LSMM) has an integral assessment process and enables all learners and students to engage and achieve their qualifications and/or awards according to levels of understanding, competency and educational learning set out.

The following is a brief outline:

After you have completed the module and/or work set out, you will have an online assessment with a professionally qualified academic member of our team. This assessment will be undertaken comprehensively and fairly. You will have time to prepare and complete the questions set out. You will be advised of your results once all areas of assessed are verified and moderated. There are many forms of assessments applied.

Your qualification and/or award will be registered accordingly, if you have passed, you will receive a confirmation and a Certificate of the Award (Award on the level of qualification, you will either receive the certificate at a convocation or by post If you do not pass, then, you will receive a notification of a “refer notice’’ where you will be advised on how to retake the exam, assessment and/or otherwise.

Once the course and/or programme work is successfully completed, you will then be able to undertake the final assessments, provided by LSMM and this will be online. All successful students and learner are eligible may apply for progression onto higher levels upto masters and doctoral levels.