An academic course such as the masters top up, research, foundation course linked to your graduate level course for 6 months’ duration
An English course of up to 11 months’ duration
Your current and previous Passports
1 recent passport size coloured photograph
Short-Term study Visa letter from the school where you intend to study “The Language Mayfair”
Evidence of your marital status
Evidence of your employment status if employed
Evidence of your study status which includes a letter from school/universities you intend to study
Evidence of your finances which included finances supports you while you studying in the UK and 6 months bank statements
Evidence of recent accommodation
Evidence of travel
Evidence of the previous study and qualifications which includes transcripts and degree certificates
All required documents in English
Tuberculosis (TB) certificate
Yes, all your documents must be in an English language. If any of your supporting language is not in English than it must be accompanied by professional translator/translation company. It must also include date and original signature of translator or an authorised official of the translation company.
The current application fee for 6 months course is £97 and for 11 months course is £186
For the duration of your study financial document contains amount equivalent to £1015/month for outer London and £1265/month if you studying in London.
As soon as you get your short-term study visa letter, you must submit your completed immigration application to your nearest UK visa application center (to find your visa center refer https://www.gov.uk/find-a-visa-application-centre )
Check the date of your entry clearance is valid from in your Vignette in your passport and do not enter in the UK before this date
Whether you are applying for 6 months or 11 months study course, you will be given a 30-day window in which you can enter in the UK
You need to collect Biometric Residence Permit within 10 days of arriving in the UK
You may need ATAS certificate for Masters or Doctorate level courses
You cannot work or do work experience while you are in the UK
You cannot do a work placement or apprenticeship as part of your study
You cannot do any business or professional activities
You have no recourse to the Public fund
You cannot extend your stay in the UK
You cannot switch your visa category
Yes, students can open a bank account, all that is needed is documentation.

Current passport.
Valid visa (for those from outside the European Union)
Home bankstatement from the past three months.
Proof of address in the UKor abroad (check with your bank)
StudentID or acceptance letter from your university.
There is not a problem changing modules as it won’t take long as LSMM would already have your details. There is usually a time limit of seven days of the date of your welcome letter however, it can be possible if gone over for exceptions. E.g. personal problems, changed family circumstances
Disabled students and those who have learning difficulties such as Dyslexic or mental health concerns will 100% have full support. London School of Media and Management will adjust the necessary needs with strict confidentiality. It is important to list the full list of disabilities.
You must inform us immediately so that we can update your details. For example your address may have changed and this is important we know so that when we send certificates, it goes to the right address.
Please inform us as soon as possible as this may cause a delay in your application by the time you start. There are many applications and checks to be made which takes time. Therefore, we recommend doing this before you start at LSMM so that everything is ready when you start.
All you need to do is use secure online payment. If you have a sponsor please let us know so we can check and confirm. This applies for EU and UK students as this may be different for international students.
Your referee should be someone who understands and knows your academic history. We may contact your referee to refer to your work ethic, interaction with students. Family, friends or even ex-partners do not count as this will cancel your application at LSMM
If you are an international student or an EU student arriving in the UK or living already in the UK, you have the right to choose a GP which bests suits you. Most people would choose their local one. LSMM can help you if you have any difficulty. We have also provided a link below to help you register at the GP.
When you have made first contact, we will aim to respond within 48hours who will help and aim to give you the answer.
There are open day’s available for students who wish to get a tour around the school. London School of Media and Management holds more than one open day so that every student has an opportunity to attend.
If you reach out to us, we will be able to arrange another phone call to discuss what grades are acceptable. If we believe you don’t have enough credits to get into LSMM, there are many alternatives so don’t panic.
Successfully completing an MBA can lead to a better salary, improved professional reputation and a massively expanded network of business contacts. If you are a graduate with ambitions for a successful executive career, an MBA could be just what you need.
At London School of Media and Management , we do provide an MBA programme. This is the link for all the MBA courses we provide. For more information, please visit our courses
An MBA can often lead to a promotion, increased earnings or a career change. Did you know that graduates from business schools in the Financial Times (FT) Global MBA Ranking 2018 gained between 44% and 182% salary increases after completing the course?
MBAs are known and respected globally, therefore if you’re interested in working abroad then the qualification will be beneficial – particularly as UK business schools are so well regarded. An MBA can also help you to specialise in your current sector or a new one.
The majority of MBA students are often international ones, giving you a unique chance to network with like-minded business people from diverse backgrounds. In this way you can develop your cultural intelligence and build a strong network for your current or future company.
Some courses at LSMM do allow you to defer your offer however please get back to us as we can guide you in details
By 31 January 2020, the UK is due to leave the European Union. Brexit will likely lead to changes to the system for EU students coming to the UK to study. The situation will be different depending on whether the UK leaves the EU with a deal or not. Boris Johnson and the EU are working hard for a deal. Feel free to get email alerts on updates on negotiations, and announcements about policy changes as a result of Brexit. https://www.gov.uk/email-signup?topic=%2Fbrexit
At our School, we do not have parking but are looking into this. However, there is parking in Stratford such as Westfield and Stratford centre which cost £5 a day. The Good news is that Stratford is known to have lots of train lines such as DLR, Thames link, Underground, National Rail and over ground with over different buses.