London School of Media and Management (LSMM) is based in the United Kingdom as a registered learning, education and training provider, associated with partners institutions in further and higher education. We offer courses, programs and training to students and learners from all walks of life. Its online blended learning, academic, non-academic and skills-based courses and programs, provide wide-ranging awards and qualifications to learners, students, professionals and mature individuals both in UK and overseas markets.

Our aim with our management board, team and strategic partners, is to provide education and support to enable all students and learners to engage in education learning through courses, programs and projects. Every student and learner on completion achieves their qualifications, certification and awards enabling them to progress and advance their life chances and careers. All our learners and students participate on programs, courses and training on a blended teaching and learning basis which includes, online, centre based, placements, tutorials and distance learning via our learning platform. Amongst all our courses, programs and projects, we specialize in academic, vocational and skills-based teaching and learning in creative media, radio/television creative media/production and EDTEC (education and technology).

Growth and developments have enabled LSMM to advance and introduce, new teaching and learning areas in 2024/2025. These include our EDTEC courses, programs and projects with labs, enabling schools, academies and colleges to progressively introduce, cost effective academic and vocational skills-based teaching and learning for Coding, artificial intelligence, STEM, automation and robotics. Working with an overseas EDTEC Academy partner with more than 30 years of academic expertise and experience, LSMM can offer to schools, colleges and universities, more then 1600 courses, programs and EDTEC Lab teaching packages with online and offline resources. These are progressively available at key stage 2, key stage 3 and key stage 4, also in further education(FE) at levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. For advanced learners, at higher levels 6 and 7. These courses and programs provide a comprehensive and progressive provision for learning with availability of teaching and learning resources both online/offline, teacher training with support and lab packages.

Our vision overall is to make the LONDON SCHOOL OF MEDIA AND MANAGEMENT a place of choice and as a “CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR ACADEMIC, SKILLS AND VOCATIONAL LEARNING” where everyone succeeds and achieves their goals and ambitions. Our mission is to facilitate high quality education with recognized and high-quality standards being maintained at affordable costs.

Free unlimited tutor support

Dedicated support from our expert faculty online or by phone. Meet and Learn with other students from many countries across the world.

Accredited courses

Access to University programmes and courses including masters and doctorates in collaboration with our strategic partners.

Online Learning

Study online at your own pace and achieve prestigious awards and other recognizsd qualifications.

Progressive Study

Networking opportunity to meet your colleagues from different parts of the world.

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